About Touchdown Training

Touchdown Helicopters acquired Aerowasp Helicopters in 2016 to bring helicopter training back to the Illawarra. Aerowasp Helicopters now trades as Touchdown Training.

Training Courses

Touchdown Training offers a full range of pilot training courses for both the commercial and private helicopter pilot alike. As well as rotary PPL and CPL courses we also offer helicopter type endorsements, Instructor Ratings, Night VFR rating, Sling Ratings, Instructor Training Endorsements etc . And if you can't get to us, then we can come to you.

Ground School

If you would like help getting through your aviation theory exams we also have a ground school available, offering either full PPL and CPL theory courses or else customised support to get you through those theory components which are more challenging than others.

Please note:

  • All flight training  conducted under AOC No. CASA.TAAOC.0516-10
  • All flight training and assessment conducted pursuant to Part 141 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR)

Accommodation Available for Training Students.

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30 Minute Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

A Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) can either be a one-off flight experience for some or a “taste test” for a future career for others. Whatever your reason for wanting to sit in and take control of a helicopter, it is the experience of a lifetime!

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Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)

The cheapest and easiest way to obtain an entry level Helicopter Licence. A recreational licence allows you to carry passengers but at a restricted capacity compared to the PPL(H).  Flights are restricted to piston powered aircraft and can be no further than 25 nautical miles from your departure point.  These restrictions can be lifted by obtaining further endorsements to your licence.

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Private Pilots License – PPL(H)

This allows you to fly for pleasure, take your mates, loved one(s), or family on flights in a private capacity. You may not however fly for hire or reward on a PPL(H). 

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Commercial Pilots Licence CPL(H)

Thinking of a career in Helicopters? You will need a Commercial Pilots License to fly for hire or reward.

The minimum requirements and overview of the course is described here.

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Helicopter Type Ratings

For student pilots who would like to train in their own aircraft or for PPL(H) or CPL(H) qualified pilots who would like to extend their portfolio, Touchdown Training also offers endorsements in the following aircraft

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Night VFR Rating – NVFR(H)

This rating allowed you to fly at night, under Visual Flight Navigation Rules. Prior to obtaining a NVFR(H) Rating, you will require either a Private or Commercial Helicopter Licence.

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Instructor Rating

Before undertaking an Instructor Rating, you will need to hold a Commercial Helicopter Pilots Licence and have logged a minimum of 250 hours of flight experience (prior to sitting the flight test). You will also be required to have adequate knowledge of the seven CPL theory exam subjects.

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Training Endorsements for Instructors

For the avid instructor, various training endorsement can be conducted in house and include:

Low Level Training Endorsement
Sling Load Training Endorsement
Night VFR Training Endorsement
Grade  2 and 1 Training Endorsement

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Low Level Endorsement

Low level training and testing can be conducted towards the issue of the Low Level rating. This course consists of 10 hours dual training covering all aspects of low level operations and emergencies. Airborne subjects will include into and out-of-wind operations, typical photographic profiles, emergencies and undesired aircraft states and recovery from same and general handling and manoeuvring. We also consider and advise on all legal aspects of low flying operations including any updates to your company Operations Manual to cater for low flying operation sunder your AOC.

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Sling Endorsement

Sling Load Endorsement is conducted in the AS350 Squirrel and will include up to 10 hours dual training covering Vertical Reference Flying, short, medium and long line operations. Additional considerations include equipment limitations, weight and balance issues, aircraft performance and operation.

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Flight Testing

Touchdown Helicopters Head of Operations, Peter, is a CASA delegated Flight Examiner (FE). Need a test? We can help.

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