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Survey & Spotting

Touchdown Helicopters has many years of experience providing our helicopters as a platform for use in aerial survey and spotting applications.

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Marine Transfer

The working harbour of Port Kembla was historically the beating heart of industry in the Illawarra and now with the increased use of the port, activity is steadily making a comeback to the heights of the coal and steel industry 20 or 30 years ago.

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Fire Control

During the warmer months, when the hazard of a bush fire is greatly increased, Touchdown Helicopters has its fleet of helicopters, ground support maintenance units and 30,000L JetA1 fuel truck on permanent standby, ready to react to support the community.

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Cargo Transport

Touchdown Helicopters is able to provide a transport solution for the delivery of cargo when all other options are unavailable. Whether delivery is required to remote locations without road access, or to communities isolated due to weather events or even if road access is unavailable due to the bulk, size and shape of the cargo, then a helicopter delivery may be the best option.

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Aviation Refuelling & Ground Support

New to  Touchdown  in 2018 is the addition to our fleet of a 30,000L mobile fuel carrying semi-trailer. This comprises a Scania R480DG prime mover attached to a Holmwood Highgate BS32 tandem axle JetA1 fuel tanker trailer.

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Aerial Crane

The ubiquitous helicopter is used as a work horse across a multitude of industries due its large lifting capacity. When used for industrial or commercial purposes, the helicopter will typically have a hook fitted into its underbelly which can then have various types of payload attached using a long cable or rope.

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