Scenic Flights FAQ

There are a few different ways that you can book your flight….

  • You can call our office number during office hours to speak to one of our staff members who can take all your details, book you in and take payment over the phone.
  • Or you can also use the self-service capability of our website to book and make payment. To do this you just need to click on the “Book Now” button on the page detailing the flight you are interested in.
  • Or you can send us your details via email and we can reply with a “Request for Payment” which directs you to a website so that you pay via a secure portal online.

All booking methods result in a “Booking Confirmation” email being sent to your email inbox which contains the time, date and location of your flight plus any other special instructions

Flights are available to book throughout daylight hours, seven days a week.

The only days that we don’t fly are Xmas Day and Boxing Day.

Seating positions in the aircraft are determined by the pilot as part of the overall check-in procedure. Seats are allocated based on weight distribution of passengers across the aircrafts seating space. Touchdown Helicopters will occasionally give preference to passengers who might benefit physically from sitting in the front seat due to its increased leg space.

We have several helicopters all with different seating capacity. Please see our “Fleet ” info under the “About” menu on our homepage. Customers can book one or all of our helicopters depending on how many passengers will be flying at the same time.

All of our advertised “flight packages” are sold on a per seat basis sharing the helicopter with other passengers. However, if you prefer to fly without other passengers onboard, you can purchase an exclusive use flight package so that you and your travelling companion are the only passengers onboard.

If you book one of our advertised shared scenic flights then we will allocate you to an aircraft. Depending on whether you  are sharing with other passengers then we may elect to put you in a larger helicopter with more seats. However, if you would like to fly in a specific helicopter in our fleet then you can book that helicopter for your exclusive use. Please contact us to arrange this.

If you have paid for a shared scenic flight then the flight path is predetermined and fixed so we won’t be able to divert to see your house. However, if you book a helicopter for your exclusive use only then we will be able to fly wherever you would like to go. Please contact us to arrange this.

Yes. Instead of booking a shared scenic flight you can book a charter flight instead. If you contact us to tell us where you would like to go and what you would like to see, we can provide a quote for your flight.

If  weather doesn’t permit flying on the day of your booking then we are happy for you to request either a reschedule or a refund. Touchdown Helicopters will determine if conditions are suitable for flying on the day though which will then determine if a reschedule or a refund is warranted.

All ages can fly. However, babies (age 0 – 2) must sit on the lap of an adult restrained by a supplementary loop belt which Touchdown Helicopters will provide. Children aged 3 years and over are required to occupy a seat.

When booking a shared scenic flight some weight restrictions may apply.

A surcharge may apply if a passenger weighs over 110kg for a single person booking. In the case of two passengers flying together under a single booking, a surcharge may apply if the combined weights of both passengers exceeds 200kg. However, when booking a charter flight for your exclusive use, these weight restrictions do not apply.

Certainly! We are quite often hired to deliver either the bride or the groom to the wedding venue. Make sure that your chosen wedding venue does actually allow a helicopter landing first though since we will need to get landing permission from them. We have flown bridal parties to Silos Winery, Ravensthorpe, Seacliff House, Kilelea State Reserve and Windang Bowling Club to name a just few helicopter friendly locations. Once you have decided on the venue, contact us to choose the helicopter you would like to arrive in and to get a quote.

Whatever dream you have involving a helicopter we can provide a solution. We can come to your home (provided you live on acreage with plenty of room for a helicopter) to pick you up for either a scenic flight local to your home or to whisk you away to somewhere special for lunch. If you haven’t got space on your property it’s worth giving us a call to find out if there is somewhere nearby  that we can land to pick you up. Golf courses are usually quite happy to have us land on their property. Contact us to discuss pickup locations, a flight itinerary and to get a quote.

You will need to check with your doctor for this one… although, we have flown many pregnant ladies and they have all loved the experience. Our flights aren’t “thrill” rides so it shouldn’t impose any risk on your pregnancy but it is always worth consulting with a medical professional to get the all clear to fly. As long as you are happy to fly we are happy to take you.